"Since most preschool programs teach your youngster to colour within the lines and glue already-cut-out pictures onto paper, I was startled by Elizabeth's approach. First she tells the little ones a rich and beguiling story. Then she teaches them a song about it, and together they learn to be a choir and then an orchestra. Last, she has them all paint pictures related to the story and song.

"But she doesn't just supply them with paint and brushes. She actually teaches them watercolour techniques, for instance. Instead of hearing the teacher say, "Now, stay within the lines with your brush!", I hear Elizabeth say, "Here's a lovely big piece of *slippery* paper. Paint the dragon's flames with your fingers and hands!"

"What the children produce is a far cry from the stolid, dutiful fare one is used to seeing. My daughter has made not only beautiful paintings, but also a large fan, a decorated candle, a Mardi Gras mask, a collage, a scarf, and a wreath. And she is only three."

- An enthusuastic mom